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The Inveraray Marketing Group (IMaGe) was created in 1985 and has produced in excess of 2.5 million visitor guides for the picturesque town of Inveraray and Argyll. The members of the marketing group have produced in excess of 6 million brochures, radio and television adverts and poster campaigns promoting attractions, activities and accommodation in the area over this period. The activity and attraction members collectively entertain in excess of 300,000 visitors each year.

IMaGe’s years’ of experience and passion for excellence has earned it a professional reputation. It is recognised nationally as a non-profit destination marketing organisation for the Inveraray and Argyll area and is funded by its members. IMaGe is a membership organisation open to any tourism related business in the Argyll area. It has an elected committee and a written constitution. IMaGe is a member of the Argyll & the Isles Tourism Cooperative, it also engages with Argyll & Bute Council, Visit Scotland, Visit Great Britain and other national tourism organisations on behalf of its members. IMaGe is a full member of the Argyll and the Isles Tourism Partnership and works with many Argyll based marketing groups and stakeholders to provide coherent marketing for the area and an improved visitor experience. IMaGe also campaigns regularly and vigorously on tourism issues that affect its members. It continues to mount innovative and successful marketing campaigns to promote Inveraray and Argyll as a quality visitor destination.

Inveraray and District is an established visitor destination and has many unique assets, but it cannot be complacent. Despite Scotland recently experiencing record years for overseas visits and expenditure, the current global economic situation presents many challenges to the tourism sector. Inveraray is also facing growing competition for visitors. IMaGe has identified that while there is considerable individual activity to promote Inveraray and Argyll there remains a need to address the fragmented approach. IMaGe recognises that promotion of the town is undertaken by a range of organisations across an array of business sectors, and that to realise the full potential of any promotion the relationships between the different organisations has to be managed.

There is a need for a common purpose. There is also a need for leadership, for an experienced organisation to bring people together and speak with one voice and champion destination promotion for Inveraray and Argyll. Put at its simplest, IMaGe needs to align and connect the products and promotion for Inveraray and Argyll. To get involved, support campaigns or find out how to get your business/organisation capitalising from IMaGe’s activities see the membership section.

Adding or upgrading a Listing

The Inveraray and District web site listings provide tourism businesses with an opportunity to advertise their business and services to visitors. The listing makes it easy and convenient for visitors to browse and find attractions, activities, accommodation, restaurants and shops all in one place presented with a clear and common purpose, Visit Inveraray.

In excess of 40,000 unique visitors visited the Inveraray-argyll web site last year. The numbers keep growing each year as more visitors come to rely on the consistent clean marketing message delivered by (Source: Google Analytics)

The IMaGe website is listed at the top of all the popular search engines and is one of the main tools used by IMaGe to present the unified destination marketing message that our potential visitors appreciate. The IMaGe website is one of the main tools used by IMaGe to present the unified destination marketing message.

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